Welcome to dedim.net

Welcome to dedim.net web site.

Our products are:

  • 1. Hospital System: the automation system for Hospital.
  • 2. Apotik System: the system for DrugStore.
  • 3. Sistem Informasi Sekolah: the system for school management (SD, SLTP/SMP, SLTA/SMU, Academy, Course, etc).

  • 4. Core Banking System.
  • 5. Syariah Banking System.
  • 6. Warehouse System: the system for warehousing.

  • 7. Enterprise Retail System: the system for Department Stores, Supermarket, Minimarket, etc.
  • 8. Enterprise SMS Center: the system for Corporate SMS.
  • 9. Webbased Accounting System for School (TK, SD, SLTP/SMP, SLTA/SMU/SMK).

  • 10. Compiler Tools: PHP-Compiler-byte-code: the tool for php-byte-code-compilation, so your source-code of PHP can not be pirated/reverse-engineered.

  • 11. Reduce-bandwidth-software: Connector of application system for another application(s) with reduce bandwidth from 1-100 MbPS to 20-30 KbPS. Ideal for company with many branch offices and used high bandwith application(s) like: Oracle Financial 11g / Oracle e-Bussiness Suites 11g, Oracle Forms, etc.

Any questions or suggestions please email to : dedim@dedim.net.